The New York Times
New York, New York

With its new home in the heart of Manhattan, The New York Times has its first new headquarters office building since 1913. The transparent glass tower, 52 Square Redevelopment area on Eighth Avenue between Fortieth and Forty-first Streets. The building will unite most of the 2,500 Manhattanbased employees of the Times Company.

Architect: Renzo Piano and Fox & Fowle Architects

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Trinity Services, Inc.
New Lenox, IL | Stromsland & De Young & Prybys Architecture Group

Trinity Services, Inc. purchased and renovated the partially completed building on the New Lenox Commons. The building is two stories and 37,000 square feet total. Trinity saw the building as a way to combine some of their many satellite offices into one corporate center. Offices were created on both floors to accommodate their 150 staff members. On the first floor there is an eighty seat café for staff use daily and open to the public on specific dates. The exterior of the building has a parking area and complete landscaping. The Trinity Services staff is thrilled to be in their new offices and look forward to many years of service from this facility.

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8th and Main
Boise, ID | CTA Architects & Babcock Design

Eighth & Main is at the intersection of Boise’s most visible and vibrant downtown corner. The $80 million project is 18 floors with 392,000 square feet of retail and office space.The site is the tallest building in Idaho, measuring 323 feet to the top of the spire, and is the state headquarters for Zions Bank.

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