2010 Good Design Awards

Prestigious Awards Recognize Two Sargent Products: Simpli™ Roseless Trim and Push/Pull Trim for Healthcare

The award-winning products from SARGENT are the Simplí™ Roseless trim and Push/Pull Trim for healthcare and education.  Simplí Roseless trim creates a flawless aesthetic vision on any door opening, unifying the lever and the door, and is available on the RDL Tubular lock and R8200 Mortise lock.  Sargent’s Push/Pull Trim is attractive and functional and can be paired with the Sargent HP Bored lock or 8200 Mortise lock.  The paddle shape and location of the trim create a highly visible and comfortable target for door activation using hips and elbows. The SARGENT MX lever was a GOOD DESIGN winner in 2009.

For 2010, the Museum received a record number of entries representing the most important and critical mass of influential corporations worldwide in the design industry from over 48 countries.  In November 2010, the jury selected over 500 product designs and graphics from over 36 nations worthy of the GOOD DESIGN Award for design distinction.  Award-winning products will be displayed at the GOOD DESIGN SHOW exhibition in Chicago in June 2011.

Now in its 60th year, the Museum’s historic “GOOD DESIGN” program was founded in Chicago in 1950 and remains the oldest and most recognized program for design excellence worldwide.