Simpli Roseless Trim

Seamlessly Unifies Lever and Door for Consistent Look, Improved Aesthetics

Compatible with SARGENT commercial grade hardware, this elegant trim seamlessly unifies the lever and the door.  In fact, the lever and trim melt into the door, almost disappearing, leaving only a beautiful opening.  Compatible with most Studio Collection decorative levers, including the Centro, Notting Hill, Aventura, Rialto and Odéon lines, Simplí creates a flawless aesthetic vision on any door opening in a variety of applications in the facility. 

Ceco and Curries hollow metal doors can be expertly prepared for Simplí trim.  Simplí roseless trim can be used with the DL tubular lock, 8200 mortise lock, and Harmony Series mortise access control lock, and is available in 13 architectural finishes plus the MicroShield® antimicrobial coating.